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The top bathroom updates you need! ​

Bathrooms are functional spaces. It’s a room where, on average, we’ll spend over 400 days of our lives and it’s often a room that ranks as one of the most important when selling a home. For such a well-used and impression-creating space, it’s often neglected and overlooked by homeowners when we’re looking for ways toRead more

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Save money and the environment with a more efficient home!

Inflation is up, and with it, so is the cost of living – so most households are making every dollar stretch a little further. And while the discounts might be obvious when you swap one brand of cheese for another, there are even bigger savings to be made, right at home. With a house that’sRead more

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Get your home market ready with these spring cleaning tips

Spring sunshine is finally here and with it comes the sometimes dreaded and sometimes eagerly anticipated annual spring clean! It’s a time to shake off the figurative and literal cobwebs, declutter, and give your home a once-over from top to bottom. And while spring and cleaning may have become synonymous in your household, its originsRead more

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Give your home a winter facelift

Winter is well and truly upon us ­– we’re hibernating inside with a warm cuppa in hand, and the fire roaring (or heating on high). If you missed the boat renovating during lockdowns, you might feel like your home needs a lift. And there’s no better time than the present – or the depths ofRead more

Safety issues for those who live alone

The single lifestyle is one envied by many – especially your married friends with houses full of kids. But for those of you who do live alone, you know that there are as many pitfalls as there are pleasures. The loneliness of course is the big one, plus the fact it’s always your turn toRead more