Give your home a winter facelift

By First National Real Estate
Jul 20, 2022

Winter is well and truly upon us ­– we’re hibernating inside with a warm cuppa in hand, and the fire roaring (or heating on high). If you missed the boat renovating during lockdowns, you might feel like your home needs a lift. And there’s no better time than the present – or the depths of winter – to get stuck in. Here are some on-trend ideas to give your home a facelift just in time for a social spring.

Monochrome bathrooms have had their moment. The trend forecast this year is colour – but not in a 1970’s way. We’re talking sophisticated check floors, calming mint green fixtures and edgy designs to add quirk and character to your lavatory. Rip out the dated shower and turn in the old floors for something more modern – you’ll be surprised how a fresh bathroom rejuvenates the whole house.

Fed up with all the mud, rain and leaves being brought into your home from the dreary winter weather? A mudroom might just solve all your issues. It’s the perfect transition from the outside and a place for dirty shoes and coats. Plus, a mudroom doubles as a perfect hangout for your furry friends.


Just like bathrooms, this season’s trend for living spaces is calling for colour – with a moody edge. 2022 is seeing a lot of darker palettes incorporated into the living space ­­­– think black feature walls to add depth to the space, or a new wallpaper with deep tones. Sound too edgy? Experiment with different wallpaper textures or take your existing décor palette as inspiration for a deeper-coloured feature wall.

4. COSY UP IN A LITTLE NOOK You may not be confined to the walls of your home anymore, but we’re certainly spending more time in them than ever before. It makes sense to build an extension specifically for work, study, or chill. If knocking down walls is too extreme, get creative with your space – blankets, cushions, and mood lighting will set the tone for a cosy reading or study nook in an existing part of your home.

After a strange couple of years, we’re all looking forward to being reunited with friends and family this summer. Is your home ready to entertain? While your calendar is still looking a little empty, use the time to prepare for summer barbeques and dinner parties. Install an outdoor speaker system, add a woodfire oven of even a spa if you’re keen to enjoy the benefits now.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Marie Kondo changed the world with her art of tidying up ­– when your home is organised and decluttered, so is your mind. Take her advice on board and add some multifunctional spaces to your home this winter, or simply refresh the space you already have to make better use of it.

Nature is vital for our wellbeing – is that reflected in your home? Why not knock out a wall and put sliding doors through to the outside area? Or add skylights to your living room roof to gaze up at the stars at night? You don’t need to live in the countryside to enjoy nature either – a greenery wall or a nature-inspired art installation will give your home a calming boost.

We’ve all got a part to play in the climate crisis, and it couldn’t be easier to make our homes eco-friendlier to help. Make the change to LED lights, swap to solar, install low-flow shower heads and taps to save on water, or upgrade to a more efficient heating system to keep the heat in. The bonus? Lower power bills, even with all that time working from home.

This season, open-plan kitchen spaces with islands continue to trend. Aside from the convenience of more benchtop space, an island is much more social than a traditional kitchen, where the cooks keep their backs turned to guests. Plus, if you add in-built feeding and drinking stations, it doubles as a space to feed your furry friends.

We live in a glorious climate where summer days are warm and long. Don’t waste them stuck inside – commit to that new pool you’ve been dreaming of, build the deck for the kids to play on until sunset, or add a sleepout for all the guests.

Dazzle your living space in time for the summer

With warmer weather just around the corner, there’s no better time to give your home a facelift in time for spring and summer dinner parties and celebrations. Feeling inspired but don’t know where to begin? Check out more tips for your home, or if you’re looking to value your home before you get reno-ready, reach out to your local First National Real Estate office today to find out how much your perfect project could increase your property value!
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