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Our Difference

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

Every big real estate brand makes a range of claims, when it comes to the advantages your business could gain from becoming a franchisee or member.

The difference at First National Real Estate is that we’re an adaptive cooperative, and our administration is not-for-profit. So, more of every dollar you invest in membership is returned to you in the form of leads, training, systems, brand profile and management support.

First National offers your business national brand strength, a full technology suite, outstanding professional development, management mentoring, and a full-service support model – using the fairest, most competitive fee structure in New Zealand.

As a cooperative, our agents cooperate, share expertise, and genuinely support one another. As an administration, we work hard to bring like-minded, experienced agency owners together. Put simply; we’re about helping you build an industry-leading business, without behaving like ‘big brother’.

Network Size

How big is First National Real Estate?

Throughout New Zealand and Australia, First National Real Estate comprises nearly 3,000 agents working in our 300+ residential, commercial rural, lifestyle, and property management offices.

  • Sold 25,000+ homes
  • Managed more than 90,000 rental properties
  • Generated listing leads worth in excess of $300 million in fees
  • Generated over 229,000 calls to offices
  • Delivered 80+ face-to-face professional development events
  • Streamed 2,187 self-paced online staff training sessions

Our offices are distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.


First National’s General Excellence and Marketing Awards system is synonymous with high performance, providing incentives and recognition for your team, from rookies to champions, as they progress through their careers.


What We Offer

Our systems integrate with a wide range of external technology partners so you can pick and choose the best products for you.

First National’s exclusive digital marketing platform provides automation of tasks, a database and buyer / tenant matching system, and inspection reporting so you’re free to focus on dollar-productive tasks.

What marketing support does First National provide?

First National Real Estate is a marketing machine.

Our head office design team provides no-cost graphic design team offering you specialize graphics designers at no additional cost.

First National has partnered with Canva giving you access our easy, do-it-yourself template advertising and marketing system – FN Powered by Canva Hub.

With over 400 templates to choose from, FN Canva Hub integrates with preferred CRMs and covers:

  • Property management listing submissions
  • Property brochures
  • Shopfront window cards
  • Agent profiles
  • Social media posts
  • Residential sales listing submissions
  • Drop cards and more.

First National Real Estate takes professional development seriously, and our Adaptive Cooperative gives you a voice in how training funds are deployed in your region. It’s all about making sure your team wins more business.

By consulting our members, each office has an opportunity to participate in the process of choosing the topics and trainers who will deliver face-to-face and web based education each year. Over the past 12 months, 45 industry experts have addressed our salespeople, property managers and administrators.

On top of this, the First National Training Academy provides on-demand, self-paced training that creates better sales agents and property managers, and shows them how to get the best out of First National’s technology and systems.

Plus, our on-demand staff induction with industry leader, Lee Woodward, saves you time whenever you employ a new team member. They’re quickly brought up to speed and educated about how to win more listings and rental managements as an agent working with First National Real Estate.

There’s a broad industry perception that First National offers very little other than a brand. Our competitors pound this message and we understand it’s entirely believable. How could it be otherwise, when our annual fixed fee equates to barely more than the commission on two or three property sales?

The truth is, the value offering at First National is as good if not better than many of the franchise offerings, and there’s a simple reason why – we’re not here to make profit for shareholders or private owners.

However, we’re absolutely committed to helping you analyse your business, so you can maximise your profitability. To do this, all members have access to our exclusive FN Profit Planner software and our National Performance Manager, Ted Piteo.

FN Profit Planner is a unique budgeting and forecasting solution created by an experienced property professional. The system provides users with answers to important questions regarding profitability and productivity within the sales and property management divisions of their business.

Best of all, these two resources are included within your monthly membership fee and accessible whenever it suits you.


First National Real Estate charges a flat monthly fee based on the size of your business. We don’t charge a percentage of your sales or property management income.

So, the key benefit is that as your revenue grows, your fees don’t. You simply make more profit.

Depending on your situation, a typical annual membership fee is the equivalent of the average commission you would earn on the sale of 2 to 3 median-priced homes. Ask us for a quote today.

Remember, if a brand requires a percentage of your sales and property management turnover, your fees rise as your business grows – a critical factor in your long-term decision-making.

The Process

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work with us to plan and prepare your new or rebranded business to launch.

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Just do it!

As our agents will happily tell you… just do it!

Make the call today and we’ll provide you with clear answers to all your questions. Whether you’re a salesperson who is ready to start your own business, or you’re running your own independent or franchise agency, we will listen to what’s important to you and explain how we can tailor solutions to suit.