Tenancy Law Changes: Are you updated?

Tenancy law in New Zealand has been changing, and it’s important that landlords are aware of the new laws and obligations they need to fulfil. While many of the laws are already familiar, there is still a Phase 3 underway for introducing new tenancy law. Making sure your housing, including boarding houses meet all theRead more

5 Tips For Buying Property With Friends Or Relatives

After a couple of tough years, many people are finding themselves alone and financially unable to invest in property to secure a home for their future. Finding yourself worse off than you could have anticipated is a tough blow, especially when coupled with unexpected hardships such as job loss, separation or divorce, or suddenly beingRead more

What you need to know about property investment in New Zealand

With rolling green hills, glaciers, and glow worms, Aotearoa (or the land of the long white cloud) is home to more than just the All Blacks and The Lord of the Rings. It’s home to a real estate market where (in general) property prices double every 10-12 years, making it a hot spot for investorsRead more

Could buying with a friend be the right retirement financing solution for you?

There is an increasing number of women who find themselves alone and financially unprepared as they approach retirement. Women who may have sacrificed years of earning superannuation, by being at home raising the family, are finding themselves worse off than they could have anticipated. Similarly, those who have experienced unexpected hardships such as separation orRead more